Experienced and qualified dog behaviourists helping dogs and owners to live in harmony with each other.

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Dog Behaviourists

Please meet Emily and Helen, who are Advanced Dog Behaviourists, and despite their qualifications, continue to study the latest scientific research in human-dog relationships. Our development and techniques are up-to-date and we can illustrate how dogs perceive us and our relationship with them.

Helen grew up with GSD's and was trained in the 80's by an Ex Police Dog Trainer. She is now highly qualified. Recently she worked with a behaviourist, who not only travels the world helping dogs with problems, but also defends dogs who find themselves in Court. Helen has successfully, saved a dogs life who was on death row after biting a human.

Our clients have been very satisfied with the outcome we have achieved and they are happy to give potential clients references on what we have achieved.

Meet Emily, who has been working with Helen and the team in our day care centre and has been studying very hard to achieve her Advanced Behaviourist qualifications, which she should achieve by the end of March 2024. We will of course be publishing both of our certificates once Emily has hers.

Our main objective is to assist families and their pets to live in harmony by helping owners take control and with our assistance to train their dogs, and happily stop unwanted behaviour, which in turn leaves happy dogs and happy owners.

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