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Dogs Bark for all kinds of reasons and this is quite natural. However an excessive amount of barking can be extremely annoying and lead to complaints.  No-body wants to stop a dog barking completely, after all a bark can warn us of potential danger. It is obvious therefore that "special collars" to stop dogs barking can cause unnecessary stress and lead to other behavioural problems  in the long term.

It is therefore important not to extinguish the barking but to learn to control it.

Dogs are naturally protective over the home and its occupants, some more than others and it is this sense of protectiveness that can be reassuring. However if the barking is excessive and a dog is not adequately trained or is not under control he may act in an undesirable way and excessive barking can easily be the result of being overly protective or territorial.

A dog up to 12 months of age,  is a time when habits are formed, so it is important to take control, extinguish or counter-condition bad habits and to encourage good habits through reward based training and not to allow a dog to be unsupervised in an area where he is likely to pick up the habit of bark, such as in the garden.