Firstly, we teach our dogs to jump up when they are tiny pups. We pick them up bring them close to our faces, cuddling them in our arms. Then when the start to grow we push them down with our hands telling them to "get down".
Touch is the first thing a new born puppy learns from it's Mother. It cannot see, smell or hear anything, so the touch from it's Mother, cleaning it and bringing it close to feed, is rewarding as well as comforting. Through pushing the dog down with our hands is telling them that this is OK and acceptable.
When a pup is tiny, go down to the floor to fuss him and if you have to pick them up to put them in the garden for a pee etc, try not to cuddle but hold the pup away from you.
If the dog is now an adult try not to raise your arms and try not to step backwards but walk forward, so the dog is forced backwards. They will soon stop jumping up. If this doesn't work, contact me and we can try something else.
Don't just open the door and let him out. Make him sit and wait for you to go out first and then invite him to join you.
Try putting him on a lead and walk him around the garden with him. This will help keep him calm. It is advisable to always go through any door, gate etc first and not to allow a dog to rush out in front on you.
If you would like some help, contact Helen today.
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