Home Consultation
  1. The Enquiry Form - This form enables me to understand the nature of your dog's problems, a little about the history and home set up.
  2. Queries, process and pet insurance - On completion of the enquiry form, we respond back to you with prices and details of how the next step to work on. On some occasions your pet insurance may cover all or part of our fees. Please contact us for more information.
  3. Confirmation of the appointment - Once you decide to go ahead, I will ask you to register and at that point, I will send you a list of email addresses of clients I have assisted in the past to enable you to obtain independent and un-biased opinions as to the service we provide.  These customers have given us permission to pass on their details and once you are confident,. we can make an appointment for you  to come and meet us with your dog.
  4. Assessing your dog -  In most dog behaviour modification cases, one of us will come to see you in your home twice and each visit can last between 1- 2  hours, depending on the depth of the behaviours presented to me.  On the first visit, we make a full assessment of your dog's issues, with a full discussion with your and our observations of your dog.  As a result of this assessment, we identify the probable causes of the behavioural problems and consider a range of solutions to resolve them.
  5. Implement an easy to follow training plan - The assessment is followed by setting out an easy to follow plan, complete with demonstrations and coaching you on relevant dog behaviour techniques and training. Our aim is to give you the confidence to continue the process, comfortably knowing that we are available to give continued support by telephone and email.
  6. Plan confirmed in writing - If required, following the home visit we can send you a copy of an agreed plan which is the key to help you to implement and practice the techniques that will need to become a daily routine for you to achieve a positive and lasting outcome.
  7. Review - Depending on your progress, we can visit a second time to refine any areas of on-going concern and develop enhanced techniques if necessary.

We provide ongoing free email and telephone support, which is essential for the best outcome.

We do not use any harsh training methods or equipment and your dogs welfare is our top priority at all times.