Puppy Behaviour Visits

Adorable, funny, sweet, playful and adored by us all.  However, as they grow they can become destructive, they nip you, which really hurts, jumping up frightens the children, furniture and belongings get chewed, this cute little puppy can keep the household as well as the neighbours awake half the night.  Oh my,  whilst you love the new edition to your family, more than words can say, but..........they can push you to your limits.

You read all the books, you have done exactly as they say, so why is your cutey, turning into a monster? Each breed of dog is different and each dog within that breed has a personality. Our role here is to help you to prepare for your puppy, how to introduce him to your family in a calm and reassuring manner, and set up a progressive puppy training programme for you to practice in order to maximise on the main socialisation period of your puppy (up to 16 weeks).  

We also offer puppy visits for people with puppies up the age of 6 months,  if you are already experiencing behavioural problems, We can help you turn things around and you will surprised at how quickly this can be done.

If you want to give your puppy the best start in life, we are here to help.